Yawuru pays respect to Mrs Djiagween

It is with great sadness that Yawuru acknowledges the passing of our senior and beloved Yawuru/Jabirr Jabirr elder Mrs Djiagween on Friday 23rd August in Perth. NBY CEO Peter Yu said “She was an exceptional woman in all senses of the word, in her dignity, kindness and generosity. Her love of her country and culture and the time she spent passing … Read More

Yawuru pays respect to Mrs Lawford-Wolf

MEDIA RELEASE: On behalf of the Yawuru community, the Yawuru PBC and NBY we wish to pay our respects to the late Mrs Lawford-Wolf. Mrs Lawford Wolf, a Gooniyandi woman, was born at Christmas Creek Station in the Kimberley, and was a legendary performer.  She was a strong Kimberley woman with ties throughout the region and across the globe and … Read More

NBY hosts a Language Party

On the opening night of the 2019 Corrugated Lines Festival of Words, bring a picnic and join the relaxed ‘language party’ atmosphere at NBY. For the UN Year of Indigenous Languages, our storytellers will share entertaining and revealing tales from the Kimberley and all over the world in their mother tongue.   Our storytellers will celebrate and share their traditional language … Read More

Edarrbur (Rubibi #18) Native Title Claim NOTICE OF AUTHORISATION MEETING

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MEETING FOR MEMBERS OF THE EDARRBUR (RUBIBI #18) NATIVE TITLE  CLAIM TO MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT THEIR NATIVE TITLE CLAIM. The area of the Edarrbur (Rubibi #18) native title claim is part of a stock route, and a number of small parcels of land inside the boundaries of the Roebuck Plains pastoral lease. WHERE: DATE: Time: The … Read More

Broome Port Channel Optimisation beginning in September

The Kimberley Ports Authority is close to starting dredging work on its Channel Optimisation Project.  During the dredging phase, NBY’s Country Managers will be acting as Marine Fauna Observers, trained and employed to ensure that there are no negative interactions with marina fauna such as turtle and dugong during the process.  If marine fauna are sighted in close proximity to … Read More

Positions available at the Mabu Mayi Cafe

The Mabu Mayi Cafe will be open on the grounds of the Liyan-ngan Nyirrwa Cultural Wellbeing Centre. Mabu Mayi means ‘good food’ and the focus is on quality food and drink, healthy eating, local flavours in our charming garden setting. The café enhances the liyan of staff, visitors and community by providing a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere during the day … Read More


NBY has released a media statement regarding the excavation of dune areas by the Cable Beach Polo event organisers. MEDIA RELEASE response to beach polo dune damage 21052019 Nyamba Buru Yawuru has been working with the Shire of Broome and Cable Beach Polo Event organisers to plan for the remediation of the Cable Beach dune area following unauthorised excavation on … Read More