EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST CEO of the Yawuru Corporate Group



The Board of Directors of Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited invites suitably qualified and experienced Yawuru people to apply for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Yawuru Corporate Group. This is an opportunity to use your skills and experience to work for your people and community.

Expressions of Interest should be submitted by email to by COB on Friday 24th January 2020.

Interviews will be held in the second week of February either in person or via electronic conferencing.


Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited and the Yawuru Corporate Group

The Yawuru people are the traditional owners of the lands and waters in and around the town of Broome from Bangarangara to the south to Wirrjinmirr (Willie Creek) to the north and over east covering Roebuck Plains and Thangoo pastoral leases, in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.  Yawuru received their Native Title Consent determination over their traditional country in 2006. After extended Court Appeals by the State of Western Australia, the State and the Yawuru people entered into global negotiations which resulted in Indigenous land Use Agreements being finalised in 2009.

The Yawuru Corporate Group (YCG), including the business entity Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited (NBY), was incorporated in 2009. The Yawuru Corporate Group consists of: 

  • Yawuru Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC which is the Yawuru Native Title Prescribed Body Corporate;
  • Murra Mala Yawuru Pty Ltd, the appointing entity of the Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited, incorporated in order to provide asset-protection protecting Native Title assets held in the PBC;
  • Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited, the administrative and commercial entity of the group, providing services to the group and managing services to the Yawuru community; and
  • Special Purpose Vehicles set up under a tax consolidating holding company designed to invest in specific business ventures and to provide asset-protection of land assets held by Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited.