Roebuck Plains Station

Roebuck Plains Station covers over 276,000 hectares, and includes the Roebuck Export Depot special lease.  The area is also overlapped by the Yawuru Indigenous Protected Area (IPA).

The station is strategically located for the export market, located on rich marine floodplain 30 kilometres east of Broome, with the capacity to support a herd of 20,000 head of cattle.

The station was divested back to Yawuru in 2014, recognising Yawuru’s traditional ownership of the area.  It is currently leased back to the ILSC who operate it as a cattle business along with the Export Depot.

The station is managed and run as a successful pastoral enterprise and balances Yawuru cultural values in the overlapping IPA areas. Development of new enterprises and technology including pivot irrigation is undertaken collaboratively with Yawuru and the station management to ensure sustainable land use and positive outcomes for the enterprise.

Want to know more?

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