Yawuru pays respect to Mrs Djiagween

It is with great sadness that Yawuru acknowledges the passing of our senior and beloved Yawuru/Jabirr Jabirr elder Mrs Djiagween on Friday 23rd August in Perth. NBY CEO Peter Yu said “She was an exceptional woman in all senses of the word, in her dignity, kindness and generosity. Her love of her country and culture and the time she spent passing … Read More

Yawuru pays respect to Mrs Lawford-Wolf

MEDIA RELEASE: On behalf of the Yawuru community, the Yawuru PBC and NBY we wish to pay our respects to the late Mrs Lawford-Wolf. Mrs Lawford Wolf, a Gooniyandi woman, was born at Christmas Creek Station in the Kimberley, and was a legendary performer.  She was a strong Kimberley woman with ties throughout the region and across the globe and … Read More