2019 Yawuru AGM concluded

The 2019 Yawuru PBC Annual General Meeting was concluded on Thursday 4th November.

This year’s meeting was particularly significant as it was the first AGM to be held at NBY in our new Liyan-ngan Nyirrwa Cultural Wellbeing Centre.   We thank everyone who joined us for the event and to everyone who cast their vote for the nominees for the role of Director on the PBC Board.  Congratulations to Johani Mamid, who was re-elected for a 3 year term to the PBC Board.  We wish to acknowledge the other nominees, John Edgar and Martin Sibosado for participating and for putting forward their interest in contributing to the Yawuru PBC.

The meeting gave an overview of current events and projects, achievements and outcomes across the year.  The Auditors presented a clean Report which was accepted by the community.  Peter Yu presented his final report in his role as CEO, as well as informing the attendees of currently slated projects and anticipated completion of other projects which will become significant in 2020.  He also presented information on the finalisation of proposed structural changes to ensure NBY can adapt to organisational change and growth and increase its viablility for long term prosperity.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the community shared a meal in the garden atmosphere and enjoyed entertainment from the Walalangga Singers and the BGA dancers with Anjo Phillips.

And you can read our Annual Report here.

A snapshot of our very busy 2019 can be viewed in the video here.