Broome Boat launching facility open for public comment

The proposal for a boat launching facility in Broome is now open for public comment.  The land at Entrance Point is owned by the Port Authority and the Project is managed by the Shire of Broome and the Department of Transport. Native title has been extinguished in that area, but  it is important to Yawuru for the high cultural and environmental values.   

Broome community members, the tourism industry and visitors have all been actively advocating for improved boat launching facilities for a number of years. The Shire of Broome and Department of Transport have been working with NBY and the PBC over this time to find a location that meets our cultural and environmental conditions, as well as adhering to public use requirements.  The Yawuru Law bosses, PBC Directors and some community members have undertaken an intensive engagement and values mapping exercise with the Shire and the Department of Transport in relation to the original Broome Boat Facility concept design.  A site visit took place in December 2019, followed by a Yawuru mapping exercise to identify key concerns and possible location options. This process identified significant midden sites, reef system and rock formations that would be damaged by the original design. As a result the proposal was discussed with the Project Partners and the revised concept design was developed.  Agreement was reached on the revised concept design in February 2020 and was approved by the PBC Board to progress to Business Case, subject to coastal process assessments.

Road access to the facility is still being negotiated with Yawuru law bosses and the Shire of Broome to avoid other significant environmental and cultural values in the area. However, at this point, the project has now reached the public comment stage and we invite our Yawuru community to have a say on the proposal from the Shire of Broome and complete the survey below.