The Yawuru Environmental Service team is a diverse and skilled group who work on a projects ranging from environmental monitoring, flora and fauna identification, turtle tagging, geospatial mapping and revegetation projects as well as being involved in cultural practices on country.

Yawuru is also a leader in a number of ongoing scientific and collaborative projects such as KISSP, with other ranger groups, and research or partnerships that improve sustainability and management of country.

8 Country Managers work in the Yawuru Indigenous Protected Area and care for country. They collaborate with the DBCA Yawuru Rangers across the Yawuru Conservation Estate and are also involved in other projects with external researchers, such as working on fire mitigation, community engagement and fencing.  They undertake land management work but they also participate in cultural projects such as Nurlu throughout Yawuru country.

The Country Managers are working on their Cert III and IV in Conservation and Land Management to increase their skills in a range of areas from fencing to GIS mapping, research and engaging with the local community.

In 2018, with funding from the Western Australian Aboriginal Ranger Program, NBY established a women’s country manager team for the purpose of protecting the cultural and ecological values of the Monsoon Vine Thickets in the Minyirr Buru Conservation Park.  The women’s team is involved in invasive plant control and native plant revegetation within the park as well as documenting the traditional Yawuru plant knowledge related to the MVT.


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