The Yawuru conservation estate comprises a 100 kilometre long coastal park, taking in practically the entire Yawuru coastline, the intertidal area in Roebuck Bay and the Nagulagun Roebuck Bay Marine Park.

The award-winning Yawuru Cultural Management Plan (YCMP) is widely recognised as setting a benchmark of excellence in Aboriginal land management design. The Yawuru cultural values and knowledge set out in the YCMP are inherent in the four management plans developed jointly for the conservation parks, and in the cultural and conservation management of other parts of Yawuru country.

Yawuru have comprehensive management plans in partnership with Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and the Shire of Broome, (SoB).

NBY employs eight Country Managers who work in the Yawuru Indigenous Protected Area and care for country and three Women Country Managers who work on Minyirr Park Conservation area.  They collaborate with the DBCA Yawuru Rangers across the Yawuru Conservation Estate.

Yawuru Birragun Conservation Park Plan

Yawuru Nagulagun Roebuck Bay Marine Park Plan

Minyirr Buru Conservation Park Management Plan  

Guniyan Binba Conservation Joint Management Plan

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