The Yawuru Indigenous Protected Area is a defined area of land or sea managed for cultural biodiversity and conservation.

The Yawuru IPA covers the significant wetlands and springs on Roebuck Plains station, as well as important cultural grounds at Kunin and Kennedy Hill. It joins with and overlaps large portions of the Yawuru/DBCA conservation estate, including the Roebuck Bay intertidal zone and the Marine Park.

The IPA Plan of Management is based on Yawuru people’s obligations to care for and protect their lands and waters for present and future generations and will ensure that sound Yawuru cultural and conservation management is coordinated across all our country.

The Yawuru country managers are working with researchers on the IPA and the conservation estate and combining cultural knowledge with western science for the sustainable management of these lands and seas. Yawuru also continue to work in collaboration with key partners such as the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC), DBCA, Fire & Emergency Services.

The YCMP provides guidance to Yawuru country managers and non-Yawuru partners for the IPA to ensure Yawuru cultural values are part of the overall management process. Other management plans provide foundation for all work done on the Yawuru IPA, including research, measurement, enterprise and other activity.  Links to these plans are below:

Yawuru IPA Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) Plan

Yawuru IPA Plan of Management 2016 – 2026 Walyjalajala nagulagabu birrangun buru

The Kimberley Indigenous Turtle & Dugong Initiative 2022-2032; a plan for indigenous-led regional management

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