NBY Announces new CEO
Nyamba Buru Yawuru (NBY) is pleased to announce a new CEO.
During an all staff meeting today, Monday 25th October, attended by NBY staff and NBY, Murra Mula Yawuru (MMY) and Yawuru PBC Directors, interim NBY Co-Chairs Johani Mamid and Debra Pigram announced the new NBY CEO.
An inclusive recruitment process was used, with involvement from all three Yawuru boards – Yawuru PBC, MMY and NBY, as well as an external recruitment consultant.
The new CEO is Ninielia Mills. She will begin her role on 6th December.
We would like to acknowledge and thank Cara Peek, who acted as interim CEO during the transition period.
The Yawuru boards, management and committed NBY team will continue to deliver on the Mabu Liyan framework, which captures the economic, social and cultural objectives of Yawuru people – and we look forward to working with Ninielia Mills in her future role at NBY.

Watch Video of Announcement HERE