Yawuru Corporate Group are seeking Expressions Of Interest for 2022 Director Pool

Yawuru Community Members, Ngaji Gurrjin?

The Yawuru Corporate Group is seeking Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified and experienced Yawuru persons interested in appointment as Directors on the Nyamba Buru Yawuru (NBY) Board and the Yawuru Holdings Company (YHC) Board.

About the NBY Board
The NBY Board provides leadership, direction and support to the Yawuru Corporate Group and works collaboratively with both the NBY Executive and the PBC Board as the community’s representatives to develop sustainable economic returns that will ensure long term prosperity for the Yawuru community, based on the Yawuru values.
The Selection Committee is seeking to fill 2 (two) Yawuru Director roles on the NBY Board each for a term of up to 3 (three) years.

About the YHC Board
The YHC Board, as a subsidiary of NBY, took over operations of Roebuck Plains Station at Gumaranganjyal in February 2022. This represents an exciting time for the Yawuru community to realise the opportunities of owning and managing a Station. The Station is held under a Pastoral Lease, which coexists with Native Title rights over the land.
The YHC Board provides strategic oversight of the Station, ensuring sustainable grazing practices are maintained, risks are effectively mitigated or managed, and opportunities to diversify markets and land use are realised. Commercial returns from the Station must be appropriately managed alongside cultural values of the Yawuru community.
The Selection Committee is seeking to fill 1 (one) Yawuru Community Director role on the Yawuru Holdings Company Board for a term of up to 3 (three) years.

How to Apply
Interested Yawuru persons are encouraged to contact Rachel McGarry at the NBY Office on (08) 9192 9600 or via email rachel.mcgarry@yawuru.org.au to obtain a Director Highlight Package including Selection Criteria.

First Round Applications close 4.30pm on Friday 29 July 2022