Yawuru PBC

The Yawuru Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) is the membership organisation for Yawuru people. It represents the values, ambitions and aims for the Yawuru people and works through its operational company Nyamba Buru Yawuru for the sustainable empowerment of Yawuru culture, country and community.

The fight to establish Yawuru native title was a long process that took considerable energy, time and commitment from many people. The old people who were determined to achieve recognition and rights for their community will always be remembered.

After the Court determination, Yawuru formed the Yawuru Registered Native Title Holders Body Corporate (RNTBC), often referred to as the Yawuru PBC. The PBC’s job is to hold and manage native title for the Yawuru people. ORIC Register: Key documents for the Yawuru PBC. The Yawuru PBC Board has 12 Directors; six directors with responsibility for customary laws and six directors chosen by members.

You can find out more about membership of the Yawuru PBC here.

The Board of Directors

The Yawuru PBC has 12 Yawuru Directors, including six Law Bosses who are elected by cultural leaders. The other six Directors are voted in for fixed terms by the Yawuru community members at the Annual General Meeting.  You can find out more here

Please call the office on (08) 9192 9600 or email governance@yawuru.org.au for further information.

Want to know more?

Visit us at Nyamba Buru Yawuru or contact the office on 08 9192 9600